Dear Customers,

R & S has been in business since 1969, each year growing just a little more, but continue to move forward, for 52 years we have always been there for our customers, whether it be weather, broken main window, health issues, we have always been there for YOU!!! This past year saw a down turn because of the virus of over 65%.  First it was the virus, then the state government keeps us from being able to serve our customers, month upon month we were forced to keep out doors closed, meanwhile our overhead bills continued to come rent, utility, taxes and we continued to pay them, as did you our loyal customers.  When we finally were allowed to open we had to deal with weddings and parties that were cancelled or missed because of the virus, spoiling many wedding plans, graduation, plans, showers, both bridal and baby.  It has now been almost a year of protecting ourselves from the virus the best we can, and we know he restrictions have not been lifted a lot, but we are still here for our customers.  Prices have continued to rise with no end in site, but we continue to keep our doors open.  We at R & S are feeling the same pains as you are all we can say is continue to be safe and pray that this virus goes away so things may turn back to somewhat normal lives.  In that spirit our customers will always support us, and to that end though you may not be able to visit us, stay in touch with us, order from our website, we are still working and although the gatherings may not be as big we are use to in celebration of wedding, graduation birth, we still print.  Businesses, who have always supported us thank you, now is the time to reach out to your customer base, you may not be able to get out to them but send them a note saying Thinking of You, so for less than a dollar your customers know you really do care, you would be surprised how much it will lift their spirits,  Where else to get these cards and ideas, where else but,  R & S Enterprises Printing, Inc. call us today, place your orders, we have ideas for you to keep your customers informed.  Check out our website today and see all the items that you can still order.  Help us make 2021 the year that we will continue to move forward with your help.